The KASHMIRI PANDITS’ ASSOCIATION, MUMBAI (KPA) shall be dedicated to serving the society in general and KASHMIRI PANDIT COMMUNITY domiciled in Maharashtra in particular, with the following aims & objectives:

  • To promote, advance and take interest in the social and cultural activities for the welfare of people in general and Kashmiri Pandits in particular.
  • To unite the members with bonds of friendship, fellowship and community feelings.
  • To work towards the upliftment of the community through various cultural social and charitable activities, in order to preserve its heritage.

  • To set up and run Educational Institutions, Schools of Art and Cultural Center for the benefits of community and to promote educational activities by advancing loans, scholarship and monetary assistance.
  • To set up Referral Library by purchasing/ acquiring books periodicals, manuscripts etc. with accent of Kashmiri Pundits heritage.
  • To hold lectures, seminars, symposia, debates on past and present social and cultural practices of the community.
  • To set up charitable dispensary for the public in general and the community members in particular.
  • To take appropriate measures and steps to promote Kashmiri Language in order to preserve the cultural heritage of Kashmiri Pandits.

Any other activity, which in future be deemed as a cogent agent for furthering the interest of the community in the overall social and cultural environment, may be added to the list of the aims and objectives with the permission / approval of the General Body.